• In order to simplify financial management KGA charges fixed cost per package, instead of charging outtake, warehousing and intake separately.

• Through KGA’s traceability system all the outgoing barrels are provided with an EAN code, and we are the only distributor in Sweden offering it. This includes a better overview of barrels for the customer, who also doesn’t miss any deposit refunds. You can see a video presenting our Traceability System.

• KGA’s use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes order processing and invoicing quick, effective and safe. The system is 100 percent accessible to the customer and gives the customer the opportunity to bill Systembolaget three times a month.

• For a safe timing Systembolaget provides their stores with staff according to a prearranged delivery schedule. The schedule is an agreement between KGA, our distributors and Systembolaget. By unloading at 12 o’clock the staff time is between 11 and 1 o’clock, ie plus / minus one hour.

• To minimize the risk of disruptions in deliveries to Systembolaget KGA has developed a proactive system for fast and direct communication between KGA, distributors and Systembolaget. If something occurs KGA will be notified immediately in order to take quick measures, and to inform Systembolaget before their unloading time expires. Systembolaget continuously monitors its suppliers’ service and KGA works diligently to stay at the top.