Why Choose KGA? – Quick Facts & Benefits

Competitive prices

We at KGA are well aware that distribution and warehousing costs are crucial when it comes to building up a profitable trade in beer, wines and spirits. By continuously monitoring volumes and flows, and ensuring that the right person is in the right place at the right time, we can keep our storage, transport and distribution prices at a highly competitive level.

Optimal geographic location

KGA’s warehouse and distribution center is located in Örebro, in the middle of the most town frequent part of Sweden. We reach everywhere and distributes throughout the country, from Ystad down south to Haparanda up north.

Critical mass

No delivery is too small. We are large enough to keep our trucks loaded, which keeps costs down.

Integrity and transparency

We treat all clients equally. Although owned by Galatea Spirits Ltd KGA is a fully separate and independent company. We think long term and know that we depend on our professionalism and business integrity to continue to compete successfully. We strive for simplicity and transparency in all operations, since keeping track of cost flows must be a simple matter.

Service and flexibility

KGA provides an optimised, field-proven system for incoming and outgoing freight, as well as for warehousing. Our services include two experienced logistics specialists, telemarketing, order-taking and billing for the client. We offer solutions for all types of alcohol products and customise services to customer requirements.

Simple and modern system of administration and finance

KGA charges a fixed cost per package. Many of our competitors charge outtakes, warehousing and intake separately. Our view is that it is unnecessarily complicated.

Through the computerised EDI system order processing and invoicing is made quick, effective and safe. The system is 100 percent accessible to the customer and allows the customer to bill Systembolaget three times a month.

We provide all the delivered barrels with an EAN code, and we are the only company who has that service in Sweden. This includes a better overview of barrels for the customer, who also doesn’t miss any deposit refunds.

Good cooperation with carriers and local distributors

KGA’s good cooperation with transport companies and local distributors warrants the high level of service towards you and your customers. For example the management of empty barrels and deposits can sometimes be crucial to how a collaboration is experienced. In partnership with our distributors, we have developed a set of functional routines for every component of our distribution system.